Are Men Really So Privileged?

Anti-male discrimination has become far greater in scope, in degree, and in damage than any which may exist against women.” – Men’s rights advocate Richard F. Doyle

Men enjoy higher earnings, control more wealth, exercise more power, do less house work and get more respect than women.  But is the male world not nearly as privileged as some people think?  If men are so privileged in our society then why do they turn to crime more often then women?  Did you know that the police are more reluctant to arrest a woman especially if she has children?  This fact explains why 78% of arrests for serious crime put the handcuffs on a man.  Men make up 93% of the prison population in the U.S.

Did you know that men are twice as likely as women to suffer serious assault?  Three times more likely to fall victim to homicide? Four times more likely to commit suicide?   If these are the shocking numbers then how do we explain our national preoccupation with violence against women?  Is this a double standard against men? Do statistics lie?  We accept harm that comes to males while showing sympathy in the far fewer cases in which violence victimizes women.  Is it because as a man we should protect the woman?  Why are their safe houses for women and not for men? I do know woman who can beat the hell out of some men!

In the school systems why is that boys more than girls flunk out, drop out, or are kicked out?  Even more to think about is that boys are more likely to be diagnosed with a learning disability.  Boys are less likely to go to college and those who do earn lower grades!  Are woman smarter then men?

A significant point is if men are better providers then woman (so society says) than why in child custody battles do they favor the woman?  Decades of of gender fairness in our teachings and woman still get awarded primary care of children.  The court often stigmatizes men as “runaway fathers” or”dead beat dads”, even though government studies show that women are more likely to refuse to pay court-ordered support (45  % of cases) then men (31 % of cases) What about “dead beat moms”?

What about affirmative action climate, women have the inside track to college (where they outnumber men) and the work force.  What about single female grants?  Why the hell couldn’t I get one before I was married!

When society plays favorites, who is favored?

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