What is Area 51 ?

Area 51 is a top secret government facility; which is first mentioned in a CIA document in 1967. For many decades, the government’s position was that no such base existed, but as of recent note, the Government has conceded that there is a military installation, near Groom Lake, which is the facility identified as Area 51.

Area 51 is renowned for being the leading edge in the development of top secret military aero-space projects, as well as being the center for a conspiracy theory whereby the government keeps and studies Alien Aircraft that it has captured over decades, most notably the wreckage from Roswell NM.

However, the amount of press and knowledge of Area 51 makes it unlikely that any truly ground-breaking high-level research is done there, even if it was done in the past. It is the opinion of the Author, that projects remain, as well as the tightened security measures, as a means of keeping interest on that site, instead of others. But, one can not deny the expense put into keeping the Groom Lake facility operational.

People often wonder, what other stories about the facility must be true, because for the longest time, the Government denied the existence of the facility itself. So one must wonder if the stories of captured Alien Spacecraft and mutilated Alien bodies might be true as well.

Due to its attachment to Alien Spacecraft, Area 51 is constantly a source for UFO researchers and government conspiracy theorists. If you find yourself interested in UFOs and Alien Abduction, I personally invite you to visit my blog below.

Chris Patrick is an aspiring author, with an interest in unexplainable phenomenon. Tired of seeing only the same old UFO accounts on various websites, he started this site, so that anonymous people could post their accounts without fear of any reprisal or ridicule. If you would like to submit your own alien encounter account (or critique), you can do so here. If you do decide to post, he asks that you format and spell check, and you probably want to submit anonymously.

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